Let me pick your brain!

In the ‘personalized apparel’ industry there is a term that is often brought up as a focus of conversation because of the anger that it ignites in people. That phrase is simply …

“Can I pick your brain?”

Industry experts spend years gaining education, experience, & training in their respected fields, so when Aunt Sue jumps in at Christmas Dinner with a “Can I pick your brain?” and proceeds to ask how to vinyl or embroider something from start to finish … how is one supposed to politely say “NO!!!”. People really get all hot on the issue. I get it. But then again I don’t.

I guess the train of thought is this:

If Aunt Sue wants to know how to do it then she needs to pay the money to take the classes, buy the supplies and then sit in her mama’s basement …

… for hours on end …

… ruining garment after garment …

… watching Youtube video after Youtube video …

… to the point in which she imagines herself throwing her machine off a cliff and never looking back.

I guess I just love my Aunt Sue more than that!!! I shed more tears and had more anxiety attacks because of these machines than I would have thought humanly possible and I don’t think Aunt Sue needs to go through that. And neither do you!

The idea of offering local, hands-on classes came to me when I was searching for continuing education myself. The closest thing I found was a 3 day course in Virginia that cost $829. What the what?!? What could they possibly teach me that I don’t already know for EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE DOLLARS. And when I looked at the course material I realized that I already knew 99% of what they were offering to teach. I don’t need to be attending $800 classes, I need to be teaching them … and not charging $800!!!

So here is my thought:

Offer Hands-on Embroidery and Vinyl classes, at an affordable rate, for all skill sets of people. From beginners who haven’t yet taken their Silhouette out of the box to the more advanced who will probably end up teaching me a few things along the way! I have had the time over the past 5 years to sit in front of these machines, ruining garment after garment, watching Youtube Video after Youtube Video, and taking every class offered within a 100 mile radius. Let me share some of that knowledge with  you!

If you are interested in learning more about our classes, please fill out THIS FORM and we will fill you in on the specifics and how to register as soon as we figure out all of the details!


Some photos of me & my first projects!

… I should have taken pictures of everything that ended up in the trash!

We hope to see you at a class soon!

with love,



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