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Am I the only one who has always thought that going and having fancy Christmas photos done had to be a big ordeal! Find the best Santa at the busiest mall and pay some Elf to take a picture of your kids screaming on Santa’s lap! Well … you see this picture with those cute blonde babies in it? That bald one on bottom is yours truly! And until recently, I assumed that my Mama hauled us to Olan Mills and paid someone a crazy amount to have this professionally taken! It wasn’t until recently I learned the truth. We sat in Santa’s sleigh ILLEGALLY! You read that right!!! My sweet, innocent, law abiding MAMA moved barrier ropes and told her adorable children to “Hurry up and get in that sleigh so I can take a picture before Mall Security see’s us”! Y’all … this is a TRUE STORY! She dressed us up and drove us to the mall for that sole purpose! I about died when she told me! One, because I can imagine the panic in her face had someone caught her and Two, because it is still to this day my favorite Christmas picture ever! Look at Rachel, staring at her baby sister with such loving adoration and Stephen looking so sharp with actual HAIR! Weren’t we cute?

Now, I’m not telling you to go to the mall and fist fight an elf to use the big chair! What I am telling you, is that we set up something equally as cute in the store and we left out the barriers! You are welcome to use it ANYTIME and we promise not to run you out of here! Heck, we will even make crazy faces and act like fools to get your kids to smile big! Whats even better … SANTA IS COMING! Yup, the one and only MR CLAUS HIMSELF will be in OUR store! You can’t see me right now but I look like Buddy the Elf dancing around this place! SANTA!!!!! The event is 100% free and we will even take the pictures for you! We ask that you do RSVP so we can get a head count for snacks and crafts but it is not required! You can find all the details here …

Saturday, December 1st 2018
9am – 11am & 3pm – 5pmĀ 
Free Photos with Santa
Story Time, Christmas Crafts, Hot Cocoa & Snacks!


We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Angel

    You guys are awesome!!! Your love for each other and your community is so special!!! Grateful to know you!!
    Give big hugs to your sweet law breaking mama!!!


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