Dear Moms …

Dear moms,

It’s time to step out from behind the camera. It’s time to ignore the stretch marks, wrinkles, & flabby arms. It’s time to look beyond the double chin, the extra pudge, the wrinkled clothes, and the split ends. When our children and grandchildren look at us … they see none of those things.

They see love and care and comfort and love. It’s time we capture┬áthat.

It’s time we capture the chaos … because there is beauty in it. Stop being so naive to think that next time the camera is around you’ll think any different of your own appearance. I take pictures with my kids not because I think I look good but because I know I look like their mother. In 80 years when I’m gone and they are old and wrinkly themselves they will look back at those photos and not remember a woman who was always put together but a woman who loved them more than life itself. You see, they don’t notice the stretch marks. They don’t see the wrinkles. They don’t know the difference between tone arms and flabby arms. But they do know that they love to be wrapped up in those arms. Don’t think that you have to have posed, smiling, not a single hair out of place family photos because that’s not real life … At least not in my house. Real life in my house is boogers in noses, snaps buttoned wrong on onesies, kool-aid mustaches, crib side dance parties, peanut butter sandwich picnics, tantrums, potty training, upset tummies, kitchen dance parties, 13 episodes of PawPatrol, forgetting to brush your teeth, & in bed by 930 on a good night.

So step out from behind the camera and capture that moment. You know exactly the one I’m talking about … When your in your pajamas watching Ryder rescue farmer Yumi, snuggled up with a little boy who thinks you are the most beautiful, most precious, and most lovable person in the whole world.

With love,


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